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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  July 26, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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>> when they didn't find anything and decided to spend the day regrouping. they say there is a good chance the people that shot the officer had a drug operation going. >> we don't take the things lightly. we go in prepared. to return to the area is a heavily wooded area with a lots of cover. >> so it will be an exhaustive plan of operation we will be dealing with. >> last night's incident was all the talk in moraga this morning. doug says his dad hikes in the area. >> he was talking about it this
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morning and he said i don't know how anybody could grow a marijuana farm out there. you never come across a cop back there or anything. >> there are hundreds of acres in the san leandro watershed. it stretches from moraga all the way to castro valley. >> we have pictures of armed guards on these marshal groves. with that and as a result we do take this as a tactic al operation. >> kathy says she isn't surprised this happened. >> some of the ladies who live closer to the canyon area says they hear rifles and automatics sometime at night. i think it's been going on for a while. >> the officer who was shot at was on patrol in the area. he is okay. so, is it safe for you to go hiking. experts say hike at your own risk. the trails are open and people who run these drug operations don't want to be found and
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typically in areas that closed to the public. if you see anything that alarms you, call police and get out of there. most of the people we spoke with they will be avoiding the area for the next few days. thank you. >> three redwood city middle school boys are facing time in a detention facility after admitting to a sexual assault of two school girls. they face up to eight years in custody on charges of lewd conduct. a third boy aged 12 admitted to sexual battery. all the boys were students at john f. kennedy middle school. >> the u.s. post office is considering closing3600 locations across country because it's losing billions in revenue. at least ten of the officers are in the bay area. eric thomas has nor on how your
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neighborhood could be affected. >> the u.s. postal service lost $8 billion. to save money, they are studying 3700 retail offices across the country to see if they are worth keeping open. the list includes more than a dozen locations, five in san francisco. four in san mateo and santa clara counties and four in the east bay in alameda and contra costa counties. here are a couple. colonade post office in san jose. it's too close to other locations. or business fair is down significantly. the same goes from oakland east mall location. >> about 35% of our sales come from places outside the brick and mortar post office. places like atms, costco ad that sort of thing.
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>> it will take the postal service about five months which are vie ideological and which are not. employees would be eliminated through attrition but even with cuts like this, postal service stands to lose another $8.5 billion this year. if you would like the locations being considered for closure, log on to our website at and click on see it on tv. back to you. pg&e wants to close five older electrical plants in eastern contra costa county as part of a statewide effort to reduce pollution. two of the plants in antioch. two are in pittsburg. nearly hundred employees at those plants could be off their jobs in. >> they want people to call or e-mail lawmakers to let them
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know how they feel about the debt debate. some callers are throwing their support behind the president or the republicans. congress must reach a deal by next tuesday. a top fund official says lack of deal could impact the global economy. >> you could have a default and you have a significant downgrading of the u.s. signature would be a very, very serious event. >> meantime, the top republican says he doesn't think john boehner has enough votes to pass the debt ceiling plan. his plan is a short term plan that would cut spending by $1.2 trilon but extend the debt ceiling about six months. harry reid's plan will cut $2.7
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trillion and extend the debt ceiling lieu 2013. voters blame both sides for the debt stale meat. 77% the gop is not willing enough to compromise. 58% say president obama isn't doing enough. and americans are blaming both sides for the struggling economy. 37% say president obama's policies are hurting the economy and 39% blame congress and republicans. >> this say the long running down turn is forcing big fundamentals in how americans live. 54% of americans say they have had to change their lifestyle in a big way. someone in the household or close friend or family member has been laid off in the last year. 82% of marines say they areing a difficult time finding a job in their area. we wanted to know how it
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affected you. we invite you to record a video dairy and then upload it to u report or e-mail it to ureport to us and we may be coming out to tell your story. >> a democratic congressman is resigning in the growing sex skeanld. david wu of oregon made the announcement. yesterday nancy pelosi called for an ethics investigation after accusations by wu had a sexual encounter with an 18-year-old woman. he said he wouldn't step down but the well-being of his children come first so he'll resign. just ahead, mcdonald's menu make over. how happy meal will get healthier. michelle obama weighs in on the changes. >> first i couldn't go to sleep.
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wide with awake. >> 49ers are back to work but they will return for the first time
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san francisco 49ers are reporting to training camp at santa clara today. both sides announced an agreement to the collective bargaining and nick smith joins us.
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some don't have to report until tomorrow? >> absolutely but they are excited to be here. they started to arrive around 7:00 this morning. we saw guys come in and out all day. fans are hoping that the 49ers will translate into win. >> joe couldn't wait to get to practice. during the lockout he and alex smith had been major forces behind their workouts at san jose state. >> it may be too is soon to predict what will mean bruce miller will mean this season but there is no question the quarterback of the future to finely be able to get with the guys. >> working toward the season and get ready. >> we couldn't wait to get over there when they told us the facilities was open.
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>> the first official practice is slated for tomorrow. but several of the guys came by the facility today to get a feel for things. he says he spent most of the time in l.a. training hard. noted for his incredible side and speed, relaxing on the beach wasn't an option. >> it's beneficial for me to get some extra work ins and work on specifics. it's been cool and everybody is ready to go. >> reporter: the mood in the air is electric and if today is foreshadowing tomorrow tomorrow will be better when it's the official training date. >> mcdonald's is making happy meals health meals. they will be adding a serving of
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fruit and vegetables to every meal and cutting back to french-fries. they are responding to critics who say the restaurant is helping obesity and enticing kids with toys. >> this is 20% reduction in calories. we're offering fruit to every child that comes in and buys a happy meal. and it's a child-sized portion. >> toys will still come in happy meals and prices won't go up. mcdonald's says it will have nutritional information. michelle obama applauds the decision to do this. last week she joined major retail irs, walmart and walgreen's to expand stores in the area for easy access to fresh produce.
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starting today walmart is renting and streaming movies online. they bought up video streaming service 18 months and launched a new streaming service by offering 20,000 titles that be used on any device. prices range from a dollar to 5.99 or buy movies from 4.99 up. >> i know we have a little bit of sunshine in san francisco. >> that is what happens. san francisco will be the last years to clear the fog. the fog is still rolling in from the ocean and we look southbound from mount tamalpais. expect this to last one or two more days before the big warming trend rolls in. >> all right. mike, thank you. an unusual ngd, why police say incredible scene is part of a misunderstanding. >> in his own words, a bay area teen tells us how he stopped a
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grizzly bear from attacking him.
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a stunning sight caught on camera in stockton. a local news group caught a man hanging on the side of the car. it looks like a professional stunt but it was the result after misunderstanding. he grabbed on onto to car
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because he thought someone stole his wife's purse. but when caught up neither wanted to do much explaining. >> by the time it goes that fast what do you do? >> and waiting for the cloud to clear. >> still hanging on to the sunshine. it will clear pretty quickly the next couple of days around san francisco and the coast. right now you have to head away from the area. san jose, 11:20 with the bright sunshine down in the south bay. east bay valleys. that is mount diablo off in the distance. beautiful sunshine for your lunchtime hour. let's take a look at the satellite. how the clouds are dissipating. north bay and east bay all clear. right around the golden gate bridge where it's easy for the fog to climb over the lower
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elevations we see the clouds right now and out at the coast. cloudier at the coast than yesterday. temperatures are cooler than yesterday. 59 in half moon bay. 57 in in san francisco. mid to upper 50s in san francisco. pat in monterey. low to mid-50s for santa cruz and watsonville and salinas. gilroy is 72 degrees. it will be cooler than average this afternoon with the clouds clinging to the coast. even with the sunshine we'll have that strong see breeze that will bring the free air-conditioning. cloudy tonight. patchy drizzle. as we head into the weekend, we'll have more sunshine and lead to the big warming trend. for today, temperatures are well below average. napa 3 degrees lower and redwood city and livermore, 10 and 11 degrees cooler than average. sunset at 8:24. east bay valleys, 80 in dublin to brentwood at 87 degrees.
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we have low to mid-70s, hercules castro valley, fremont, newark, everybody else in the mid to upper 60s along the east by bai shore. mid to upper 70s in the south bay today with san jose at 76 just like cupertino. low to mid-70s around the peninsula. look at pacifica, only 59 degrees while the rest of neighbors is around 61. north bay is quite a warming trend, sausalito 68 to 81 in santa rosa to 88 ukiah and 80 in petaluma and napa. 64 in monterey. warmer sunshine in santa cruz. gilroy low to mid-80s there. if you are traveling around the state. 97 in fresno to 106 in palm springs and tahoe about 77 degrees. it will be partly cloudy tonight at the a's game. second game of a four-game shot,
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dropping down to 57 degrees. 50s and 60s tonight and mainly cloudy conditions. about 2 degree warming trend tomorrow. notice the lack of clouds as we head into the weekend. by the weekend everybody should be 8-10 degrees warmer with temperatures above average when you move away from the coast. >> thanks, mike. >> this morning, governor jerry brown nominated a u.c. berkeley law professor. he was previously nominated by president obama but that nomination was blocked by republicans who claim he was a judicial activist and too inexperienced. he graduated from yale law school, clerked for ruth bader ginsberg and worked as a litigator in washington. they released a statement applauding the nomination. >> an 18-year-old from richmond is back home nursing his wounds
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and told a tale of a grizzly bear attack last saturday. he was one of seven teenagers attending a 30-day back education country course when they came upon a grizzly bear. the grizzly pounced on the group so fiercely they didn't have time to get out the bear deterrent spray. >> easily eight to nine feet, 900 pounds. >> did it stand up? >> once. it was terrifying but prayer helps. >> even after being attacked, martin helped save the lives of two other teenagers in the group. no instructors were there with the group. they were located after activate ago beacon
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today at 4:00 and 5:00. a bad night's sleep could mess with your mind. me revealed a connection between sleep and memory. heart attacks and strokes are very difficult. now it looks like there a role in family history plays a role. we'll have that later today at 4:00 and 5:00. >> it's giant panda.
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older female panda gave birth to a female cub at research center. >> she is 19 years old and incredible age thinking that their average life span is 19 years old. it has a trademark fur. >> both mom and baby are doing very well. she like a very nurturing mom. >> good luck to to both of them. 
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